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1 Room $250 2 Rooms $475 3Rooms $600


Price includes walls only.

1. Estimate

  • Swift scheduling and appointments
  • Discuss walk through of the tasks to be done
  • Lead into our services
  • Establish colours and needs for individual customers
  • Professional proposals faxed, emailed, or delivered

2. Set Up

  • Familiarize customer with the crew members
  • Walk through areas to be painted with customer and crew manager
  • Move larger furniture to center of the room and cover with plastic.
  • Cover all the floors with drop cloth
  • Remove all window locks, door knobs, handles, and switch plates from the trim before the prep work and painting.
    *Seal areas to enclose dust

3. Prep Work

  • Sand and dust the Walls and trim
  • Repair any holes or cracks in the wall
  • Seal gaps or holes in the trim to wall
  • Prime wall repair and water stain spots

4. Painting

  • A brush and roll are used to paint the ceiling and walls
  • Use of neat and orderly straight lines between the ceiling, trim, and walls
  • Crew completes wet inspections and touch ups before they clean up

5. Clean up

  • Prompt removal of all tools and equipment
  • All the floors are vacuumed and swept before moving the furniture back to its original place
  • All the hardware and wall fixtures are reinstated to their previous places
  • Trash cans are removed
  • Cans of touch up paint are labeled and left behind for future touch ups.

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