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Our Process

1. Estimate the total cost
  • Swift scheduling and appointments
  • Discuss walk through of the tasks to be done
  • Lead into our services
  • Establish colours and needs for individual customers
  • Professional proposals faxed, emailed, or delivered
2. Pressure Washing

Before we begin the preparation or painting of your home, we use a pressure washer to remove any mildew or mineral deposits or dirt that has collected on your home since the last time it was painted. The mildew is pre-treated with a solution of bleach and water to destroy the mildew and remove any stains caused by it.

We remove these contaminants to ensure a proper finish coat bond. The pressure washing also helps remove loose and peeling paint. While it helps, pressure washing does not replace scraping and sanding which will be done by our painting crews.

3. Preparation

All tasks done prior to the painting itself. Such as scraping of any peeling paint, sanding all the bare wood areas for smoothing, sealing of the cracks and construction seams, priming the bare wood. Aesthetic sanding can also be done, however it is not a normal part of our process,it is considered to be restorative.

If its restorative sanding you’re looking for, let your estimator know at time of estimation. It’s charged acording to material costs and time required for the special job. We will also protect your plants and walk ways. We cover the ground with tarp and tie back your foliage and cover them.

4. Masking

When we paint a home we take the necessary precautions to keep the overspray off of the unwanted items, properly masking all ares not meant for painting;windows, doors, light fixtures, and decks.

5. Siding and Soffits

We paint the siding and soffits first. We use a comprehensive application process to ensure the most successful paint job. On large margins of siding, paint is standardly applied by a spraying application, however we back roll the paint to ensure the best possible protection and adhesion of the project.

Please not that with all stain applications, to achieve a proper adhesion and penetration we do a back brush application.

To increase a “mil” thickness seconds coats are always applied with a spray only application. This establishes longevity and the quality of the paint job. This part of the process can only be done after the first coat has been completed.

6. Siding and Soffits

We preform the trim painting last, painting windows, doors, and door frames with hand brushes and trim rollers.

7. Decks

We use a multi-step process when refinishing decks. First we strip the deck of its decaying and graying wood. We also pressure wash the deck using solutions that chemically strip the deck. Our professionals guarentee not to harm your foliage with these chemicals. We apply a clear wood preservative to prolong the life of the wood and emphasize the woods natural grain. We also smooth the surface of the wood so to establish a smooth surface, as decaying wood will cause the wood to splinter. Once the deck is level and preserved we apply the necessary coats. Depending on the levels of sun exposure your deck gets it should be rinsed and recoated every 12-24 months.

8. Clean Up

We are very thorough with our clean up process to which we make sure that your home and yard are left the way it was found. We remove all the making from your home and put back any patio furniture, plants, downspouts, and shutters that may have been moved throughout the process in their original positions. We also leave small amounts of the products used in case you ever need to match up the paint for future use or for minor touch ups. We lastly remove all of our equipment leaving everything as it was before we got there.